Jordi Castelló was born in Figueres in 1980. His family own a restaurant in the city centre and he studied at the Girona School of Culinary Arts. While still studying worked in restaurants in France and England.

After getting his degree, he consolidated his skills in his family's restaurant , but was too curious and lively to stay in the one place so he moved to Barcelona where he worked in two prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants. Wishing to expand his horizons even further, he worked as a chef in Australia and later in Italy.

After all these fruitful experiences he went back to Figueres with a new outlook, and worked at the family restaurant again, this time exploring new avenues. He also designed and ran cooking classes and workshops for two Culinary Schools in the Empordà.

He's currently a cooking teacher at the Girona School of Culinary Arts and he's a co-founder of I COOK IT.


Anna Cuadrat got her degree in Advertising and PPRR in Barcelona over 10 years ago and worked in publicity and event-management for a decade, before moving to Figueres to join forces with Jordi.

Well-travelled, entrepreneurial and with a love of good cuisine and a proficiency in the art of enjoying food, Anna is the perfect other half of I COOK IT.

Partners in life as well as in business, Jordi and Anna are a young, dynamic and flexible team who love what they do and offer a professional service without leaving aside the friendliness and warmth that should surround any gastronomic activity.

They will delight your taste buds while sharing a slice of their culture, and local knowledge, therefore making your food experience all the more personal and unique.

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